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One-Road Challenge

icon date2  Sunday, March 10, 2019
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Come join in this friendly competition sponsored by Washtenaw Audubon!

Here are the rules and regulations. Email us if you have any questions

  • Form a team of at least three people and select a public road in Washtenaw County that is likely to yield a wide variety of species in early March. The following roads are not eligible for the competition: Huron River Drive, Michigan Avenue, North Territorial. All other roads are allowed, but please use good judgment in considering safety in addition to bird-related considerations.
  • More than one team is allowed to use a given road. You will not "own" your road.
  • Start searching your road as early as you like on the morning of the event (i.e., any time after midnight). Look and listen for as many bird species as possible, stopping not later than 11 AM. Only species observed from midnight to 11 AM will count.
  • A species will count if is identified positively by either sound or sight. At least half of your team has to see or hear a species for it to count.
  • Your team has to bird together. If you split up, you either become separate teams (if each fragment has enough members), or you move to the Outlaw Division (see below).
  • You must stay within fifteen feet of the edge of your chosen road. Any birds seen or heard whle you are beyond that range will not count. If your road has a break or a shift, you can only count the birds observed from your road, not the connecting ones. Examples of interrupted roads include: 5 Mile, 6 Mile, 7 Mile, Arkona, Austin, Bemis, Braun, Jennings, Jerusalem, Lima Center, Maple, Morgan, Napier, Northfield Church, Textile, Trinkle, Sharon Hollow, Steinbach, Willow and Zeeb.
  • You must stay within Washtenaw County.
  • Hybrids of species are interesting, but they won't count.


  • In general, each species found will be worth one point; except
  • Species found by no other team will receive a bonus point in your team's species count; and
  • Teams that include people who have never participated in ANY previous Washtenaw Audubon Society outing before will receive an additional two points for each newcomer, but with a maximum of six of these bonus points per team.


  • Drive safely and predictably
  • Do not obstruct traffic
  • Be visible - wear bright colors
  • Be courteous and alert

Post-Competition Meeting:

  • We will meet afterwards to compile results and calculate team scores. This is usually at 11:30 at the Classic Cup Cafe. Details will be confirmed here prior to the event. 

OUTLAW DIVISION! Too many rules for you? Don't like birding as a team? Don't want to commit to being part of a team because of a potential schedule conflict? Please participate anyway. Only teams that follow all the rules are eligible to win, but we are happy to have others participate and we will be interested in hearing about the birds you find.
Please note that these rules may be subject to revision up to one week before the contest begins. 

Minors traveling on Washtenaw Audubon Society field trips without a parent or guardian must bring with them a completed and signed copy of the consent form available by clicking here: Field Trip Permission, Medical Release, and Waiver of Liability (PDF)