Christmas Bird Count Registration

Register for the 2022 Christmas Bird Count here. When you are finished registering, you should receive an email confirmation. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder for this message if you can't find it.

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Please provide us your contact information so we can contact you about the Christmas Bird Count. For example, we may contact you about helping in a different area, or with weather-related updates.
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Field observers spend the day (or part of it) outside, working on covering an area on foot and by car. In addition to the daylight census of birds, several groups of observers will conduct a pre-dawn search for owls. Feeder watchers can participate for any length of time; from one hour to all day. NOTE: Your feeder must be within the count circle for us to be able to accept your data!

Potluck Dinner

Your selections will be sent to the Potluck Organizer.
If you answer No or Undecided, please contact us if you decide to come so we can plan food for everyone.