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Most southern Michigan birders would agree Warblers and Vireos are just plain tough; in part due to limited time with these colorful neotropical migrants each migration season. Many northern breeding birds spend as little as a couple weeks in our region. Join us as we welcome Josh Haas who will feature many of the Warblers and Vireos we see from late April into May with a focus on differentiating families & species by field mark, habitat, song and most importantly; behavior. Josh will walk through first narrowing things down by family and how to pull out enough pieces of the puzzle for positive ID. In addition, he will feature species songs as well as tips on learning bird songs and how to hone in on individuals amongst the chorus. Not only will we get to see some of Josh’s finest warbler and vireo images, he will also feature videos of some of these birds hunting and singing.

Presented via Zoom on May 18, 2022

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The birds Washtenaw Audubon pledges to protect differ in color, size, behavior, geographical preference, and countless other ways. As we honor and celebrate the equally remarkable diversity of the human species, Washtenaw Audubon considers the work of inclusion, diversity, and equity a top priority moving forward. We hope that, in doing so, we can bring new creativity and energy to our work in Washtenaw County and beyond for birds and people alike.

Injured Bird?

Have you found a wounded or orphaned bird or other animal? Please visit the Bird Center of Michigan for more information on what to do in this situation. 

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