WAS Goes Birding in Oaxaca, Mexico!

Please consider joining fellow members of Washtenaw Audubon Society in an international birding trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, August 11-22, 2023. With close to 50 birds endemic to Mexico to be seen in Oaxaca, it is not only one of the safest destinations in the country, but one of the best areas for birding. Highlights include about 24 species of Hummingbird (7 endemic), 4 Trogons, Motmots, a Toucanet, Parrots, 5 species of Woodcreeper, 3 endemic species of Vireo, 6 beautiful Jay species, more than 12 species of Wren (3 of which are endemic), 6 endemic Sparrows, close to 10 species of Orioles, and other beautiful birds, such as Red Warbler, Orange-breasted Bunting, Rose-bellied Bunting and Red-breasted Chat (all 4 endemic).

We will be birding at an easy pace the valley and mountains surrounding Oaxaca, the southern mountains and the Pacific coastline. We will visit a variety of habitats from hot cactus desert to chilly conifer mountaintops. Each habitat contains its own unique blend of species. The continental shelf is very close to the shore here (about 5 miles), which will enable us to do a mini-pelagic and allow us to see shearwaters and storm-petrels that you would normally need to spend all day at sea to see.

We will not just experience the wonderful birds. This region has amazing landscapes, a rich archaeological and cultural heritage, friendly people and their famously delicious local cuisine which has made it a top foodie destination.

If you have any questions, would like more information (detailed itinerary, costs, list of birds we hope to see) or would like to sign up for the trip, please contact trip leader Bryn Martin using the form below. We need a minimum of 4 more participants for the trip to run. The trip is limited on a first come basis, so please contact us ASAP if you are interested in signing up.