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Bird Secrets: the Nesting Cycle of Songbirds

icon date2  Wednesday, March 21, 2018
icon timer  07:30pm
icon map marker Matthaei Botanical Gardens

1505202015PalmWarbler photo WVOX croppedWe bird watchers see snippets of the private lives of birds while they visit us here in Michigan for the serious work of producing young. By visiting the same site repeatedly, a careful observer can often piece together clues to figure out exactly what the birds have been doing behind the bushes. Susan Kielb will take us through the nesting cycle from claiming a territory, to mate selection, nest-building, incubation, and raising the young. She will demonstrate how seemingly disparate observations can be pieced together to map through time the activities that kept your birds so busy all summer. Susan is a retired Ann Arbor science teacher who splits her time between Ann Arbor and the eastern UP. She has longtime interests in nesting and song behavior of passerine birds, and she is currently studying Palm Warblers.

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